Idea to make an adfly link appear

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Idea to make an adfly link appear

Postby samisabi » Mon Mar 07, 2016 7:46 pm

i need idea to do that cuz everyone in facebook afraid to click our adly links i don't know why

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Re: Idea to make an adfly link appear

Postby tomc » Tue Mar 15, 2016 2:17 pm

I think Google blocks adfly links. It is either that or it does not want to shorten an already shortened URL.

Why don't you use tinyurl or Both sites accept already shortened URLs and work the same way as Here's an URL ( cloaked using the 2 services:

Note: refuses to accept short URLs using the domain. No problem with as of this date.

If you really wanted a URL, making your URL longer using a dereferer service will do the trick. I believe that this does not violate the Adfly TOS since visitors location and other information are not modified besides removing the referring URL. There are many dereferrer free services out there and as an example I am using Just add your Adfly URL after and you are good to go.

I brought it to and it accepted the longer URL with without any complaint

The only drawback is that if anonym,to has a downtime, and that happens, your Adfly link will not be available/reachable. I've tested this a while ago - both and - and it works.

Note that I am using a different derefer service that does not show an intermediate page during a short delay like that done by Search the net and you will easiiy find lots of them. Just stay away from anonymous proxies as using those are likely violations of the Adfly TOS.


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