Forget Facebook!!!

Discuses methods of getting traffic on Facebook
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Forget Facebook!!!

Postby NMilliner » Tue Jan 20, 2015 11:11 pm

Take FB off your list of free awareness building methods.
Been three years on FB building up and trying to get my name out. FB is so savage in their push to get ad money they limit posts and spam anything looking like it may make you some money. My posts on my fan page and business page get seen by 3-10 people!!!!
How do you get viral outta THAT? :evil:
You want some real movement get yourself an el cheapo ad campaign right here. Just finished a 40,000 ad @40c/1,000 total=$16. Resulted in 23,000 website hits!!!! :D
Not only have my stats improved but the quality of my website ads has skyrocketed.
Nobody on FB is there to buy and FB ads are as dear as and don't deliver anywhere near what they project.
Needless to say I have ordered another 25,000 just now and will continue this as my main marketing ploy.
(gaining readers & listeners to sell an ebook & Mp3s to try and make a living. Ad is on there to make money but need visitors)

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