[Tutorial] Get Adf.ly clicks through YouTube!

Discuses methods of getting traffic though YouTube.
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[Tutorial] Get Adf.ly clicks through YouTube!

Postby zombieiii » Sat Jan 31, 2015 1:39 am

This is how to get alot of traffic through youtube!
1. Sign up for a Like4Like account.(This is optional but you can get free youtube likes/views on your video so it will help your video be higher in the search ranks.) http://adf.ly/x0vAe
2. Find the newest music from http://adf.ly/x0v5V and download it! {There is a button to download it} [MAKE SURE THAT THERE IS NOT ALOT OF VIDEOS UPLOADED TO YOUTUBE OF THE SONG OR YOU WILL GET LESS CLICKS!
3. Open Windows Movie Maker {Any program like this will work} and import the song. ( Download: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/wind ... 1=overview )
4. Go to http://www.images.google.com and search for good thumbnails of the person.
5. Import the picture to windows movie maker and save it.
6. Upload it to youtube and make sure to add TAGS! Go here if you want the best tags to get the best views based on your video. http://adf.ly/x0vYv
7. Upload the mp3 of the song to mediafire and shorten it using Adf.ly!
8. Put it in the description using FREE DOWNLOAD -> (ADF.LY LINK)
9. Go to your like4like account and add the youtube link. {Make sure to add it to Youtube Likes} Screenshot -> http://prntscr.com/2bd12s
10. Earn points by liking other people's videos and you will get points and people will like the video. Higher ratings makes it higher up in the youtube search.
11. People will like the song and they will download it with your adf.ly link in the description!
HERE IS A SCREENSHOT OF ONE I DID -> http://prntscr.com/2bd1m6

*NOTE* I would highly recommend using a copy-right free song to upload. Your video may get taken down if it has a copyrighted song. Also if adf.ly gets a dmca notice because of a copyrighted song, your account will be terminated.
Thanks for reading!

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[Tutorial] Get Adf.ly clicks through YouTube!

Postby zombieiii » Sat Jan 31, 2015 3:39 pm

Hello! Zombie here and I am going to make a tutorial to get more clicks through youtube!

1. Find a non-copyright song. (You can search on google and just find a popular one.)
2. Upload it to youtube. (Set it to UNLISTED and NOT public. Also make sure to add tags.)
3. Upload the song to a file sharing website and shrink the link with adfly. I use MEGA - http://adf.ly/x5CYx
4. Put the link in the description of your video. It should look like this. - http://prntscr.com/5zck7b
5. Go to a website where you can get free youtube likes/views. I use this like4like. You like other peoples youtube videos and get like back. This will help your video get higher in the youtube search. Like4like Website - http://adf.ly/x0vAe
6. Once your video has gotten a decent amount of likes or views, just make the video public instead of unlisted.
7. People will watch your video and may want to download the song. Thats why you have the adf.ly link in the description!

Make sure to upload a copy-right free song or your YouTube And Adf.ly account may have a chance of being terminated!

Thanks, hope this helps!

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Re: [Tutorial] Get Adf.ly clicks through YouTube!

Postby Xellon » Mon Feb 02, 2015 6:46 pm

Topics merged since they have the same subject line and similar.

Yes, I've used the upload latest songs before many years ago when I first started. You can make it a "gray" method by uploading it partially or using any trailers/sneak peaks they may have for the song.

What makes this hard is if your not rank #1 or 2 on the search results, then you just wasted time an it happens often. You may get lucky and get over 50k views or more though. Its all about your timing (be the first to upload it), tags and how fast you get views. Still though, be careful about copyright issues.

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