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Postby TheEnquisitor » Thu May 05, 2016 12:18 am

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I have built a web browser that automatically converts all the links in your browsing history to links so you can share the links with others and earn money from their clicks.

On your current web browser, hold the CONTROL button and press the "h" button. What do you see ? You see your web browser showing you a list of links from your browsing history. These are the links you have visited with your web browser. Now, imagine you are able to share your browsing history with others just like you are able to share your bookmarks with others in the social bookmarking sites like What do you think would happen ? You'd get tonnes of people clicking the links and visiting what you have visited. Your friends are gonna click just to see out of curiosity what you've been visiting. But are you going to make any money out of the clicks ? No. Not unless you convert the links to links first. But all this is daunting because how are you going to convert all the links in your browsing history to links ? And, who are you going to share the links with you ? Where are you going to share them ? Social bookmarking sites exist for people to share their bookmarks with others but social browsing history social networks don't exist yet. Therefore, I'm thinking of building one and I need your feedback if you would register as a member or not to share your browsing history with others after converting them to links so that every clicks earn you money.

Currently, my money making browser (that's the nick name) notes the websites and webpages you visit into your browsing history, converts the links in your browsing history to links, submits them to a public database which is accessible by all users of the money making browser. Other users can see LIVE what you are visiting or what you have visited in the past. They can follow you around online from website to website and webpage to webpage and as you've guessed they earn you money for each click. So for example, if you visit this minute and 1k follow you there then you earn $5USD from In the 2nd minute if you visit and 10k follow you there then you earn $50USD from In the 3rd minute, if you visit and 100k follow you there then you earn $500USD from And so on. You get the drift. And don't forget, new users could be clicking your old links (which you visited a month ago) and earn you money today. In short, the idea is no different than social bookmarks. Instead of sharing your bookmarks on the social bookmarking sites you share your browsing history instead. Imagine all your facebook fans, twitter followers, youtube subscribers, blog readers, your suspicious spouse, mates, colleagues, spying bosses, etc. started following you online by accessing your browsing history and clicking your links from your browsing history. How much money can you make like this ? Oh by the way, your browsing history would be made public just like you can make your bookmarks public in the social bookmarking sites. That way, you don't have a cap in your followership, nor your earnings. 1 million people can follow you to a link this minute and earn you $5k money in 5 secs. See the possibility ?

If anyone's interested in experimenting with the money making browser then say so here and I can drop you a line with the download link. I need to get feedback if are able to track the clicks or not from their links presented in software generated pages that have no REFERRERs.

Remember, the money making browser is free and it does not auto click your links. It simply converts the links in your browsing history and makes them public for other users to view and click. That's all. I want you guys to follow my online trails and earn me money and I want to follow your online trails too and earn you money. I won't be following anyone just because they followed me. No. It doesn't work like that. You got to be visiting interested sites in order to have me follow you. For example, if I'm shopping for a programming book then I'd be following people who are visiting programming book sites to learn what's popular and wont be following those who are visiting dog grooming sites or sites that sell pan cakes. I think you get the drift.
Ok, the web browser is not called browser. But don't you think it would be good if built a web browser like this where each time we click a link it is an frame banner link earning our uplines (upto 9 levels high) money ? That way, when our downlines use the browser, we too, as their uplines, earn money from their clicks.

I make no guarantees that you will earn any money from using my programmed web browser. You will be responsible to check whether using such a web browser or tool would be ok or not to use with your links. I will not be responsible or liable for any earnings you get forfeited or for your accounts getting banned (should such ever happen). You agree to do things at your own risk.

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Re: Browser ?

Postby TheEnquisitor » Sat Dec 17, 2016 11:58 pm

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