"How bad Fallout 4 really is?"

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"How bad Fallout 4 really is?"

Postby Irbis » Thu Nov 19, 2015 3:24 pm

So I don't own FO4. But I would like to. So I've asked a fellow fan of the saga... That friend of my already owns it, and has more then 20h in-game already booked. He said its bad. Practically, its not even a Fallout game. And that's the main problem. So after a long talk I've asked him to break it down to me.

Me: "Give me an example. How bad it is really?"
Him: "Worse then this..."
And he posted this link to me.

Soooo long story short - I don't think I am gonna get a copy for the time being lol. Maybe after summer sell or something. With all DLCs, patches and mods. For now - sorry Bethseda, you ain't getting "100 point for Griffindor" this time. Hopefully Obsidian will take over again, like it was with F:NV. I am looking forward to it.

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