Regarding illegal Activity

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Regarding illegal Activity

Postby Xellon » Mon Jul 15, 2013 3:11 pm

This topic is more for everyone's safety and ours. We offer advertisers our services to promote their own products & services. Using gives you the opportunity to earn income from shrinking almost any link within our terms and conditions. Some people are even shrinking other income opportunities which is fine to an extent. Due to the increase in activity with the department of justice in shutting down websites, we require everyone to follow our TOS as best as possible to keep safe and to report all abuse here.

Doing the following can lead to the death of and possible legal action:

1 - Shrinking copyrighted material such as games, software, movies, re-uploading youtube videos that do not belong to you then shrinking a link for download, etc

    Example Legal Action Scenario: A student was arrested for simply linking to copyrighted material and this happened outside the USA, so he was extradited to the USA.
    Example Legal Action Scenario 2: Megaupload was shut down because people uploaded infringing materials onto their servers.

2 - Shrinking Illegal activities such as pyramid schemes, Ponzies, etc. A lot of companies are not scams, but a lot are illegal and may lead to the companies downfall. Just because they pay you doesn't make it legit. Please do intensive 2-4 week research before dedicating your life to a company and before shrinking anything related to them

    Example Legal Action Scenario: Liberty Reserve was shut down because they supported several illegal companies and helped them to make money by supporting everyone with a payment processor. By shrinking such sites, you are putting us at risk.

3 - Advertising with false statements will get us in trouble. Telling people that you can earn a lot easily is illegal.

    A company lost millions because their reps/affiliates promoted in a way that made the company seem illegal.

You can research about illegal activities at,, and several other places or just google scam alerts. Please take 30 seconds to report any abuse you may come across. Every abuse you bypass or ignore is putting us at risk. Please report forum posts that goes against our forum rules and please report PM messages/spam to us. Thank you

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