Comic ,Swipe, Banner ads

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Comic ,Swipe, Banner ads

Postby StellaMarci93 » Fri Dec 16, 2016 7:32 am

Hi ^_^...
i want to make comic site(i make my own comic so this is not aggainst DMCA and not porn neither erotic but contains some hug and kisses scene),my comic site is like 1 html with 1 image (.jpg), so here the question

1. Can i shrink all my jpg with banner ads? because interstitial ads so annoying for comic site
2. Because my site is comic site, so the ads can be only last 3 seconds or less, or can be 3 sec or more depending on my comic content, can i still get the money this way, there is minimal time for banner ads? (I'm using banner ads) , i ask this because interstitial ads minimal 5 sec
3. Because my site is comic site ,so 1 person can see many content per day, it is allowed?( it is not like 10000 uniqe view per link, it is like 100
uniqe view per 100 link or can be 10 person view 1000 link)
4. Because my site is comic site(again >_<), so my visitor can sometimes open same link again in the same day(it not always but sometime),can i get banned from this, or can i manipulated this?
5. "The only legitimate way to open an link is with a mouse click, on the actual link. " this tos, because my site is using html 5 and especially for android so i'm not using mouse click so much, i'm using swipe for open my link (banner ads) it is against the rules?
5. Again i'm using banner ads, so the ads is always on top frame, can i still using another ads, like adsense at my site(so 1 my page contains 1 banner and 1 adsense banner at the same time) it is legal?

sorry for long question

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