Mobile Ads Contain Adult Content

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Mobile Ads Contain Adult Content

Post by Shoulders89 » Sat Aug 17, 2019 10:57 pm

Several visitors of my website have reported adult content on the mobile adverts. More specifically, it is an advert for a sex game titled "Booty Call" or "Booty Calls" I have enclosed the screenshots sent to me by one of my visitors. This particular advert has already been reported using the "Report This Ad" feature. It does seem that this particular advert has multiple adverts associated with it and in the normal way an advert works either. Multiple visitors have reporte4d that even though they have reported it for adult content, it came back almost instantly. Below are some screenshots as well as a screenshot of the advert being reported. This particular ad has not been seen on the PC adverts.

- Screenshots (Advert)

- Screenshots (Advert being Reported)

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