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Post by Xellon » Mon Mar 30, 2015 2:07 pm

First, no....... does not have any type of virus/malware or any other malicious programs.

If you click an link and you are re-directed away from your expected destination url in some way, get a security warning due to unsuccessful re-directs, or unable to close your current tab due to pop ups keep coming back whenever you press "no," the reason is most likely an issue on your end.

Before any ads go live, we review them for any malware. Ads are also constantly monitored 24/7 and anything reported as abuse is removed quickly. If advertisers make changes to their campaign, their ad will be put on hold for another review. I'm assuming that the users complaining about viruses and such already have a type of adware or possible spyware on their computer.

Have those users do the following to completely remove adware/spyware from their computer.

before starting, disable all antiviruses running on the machine.

1 - download and run malwarebytes.
2 - download and run CcCleaner
3 - download and run spybot search and destroy (leave anti-virus off)
4 - download and run rouge killer.
5 - downlolad and run AdwCleaner.
6 - run the ESET online scanner

You can find all these by using google. Note that if anytime you are prompt to run a program (then hit next, next, etc) if at anytime it ask you if you want to try or install other programs, exit out completely and find a clean install version of the programs above. Weather you hit yes or no, it will install garbage on the system.

edit - Forgot to mention, please report all abuse here.